Specialized Broker for Aviation Insurance

Where every change of contract becomes the best deal 

It was in 2012 when the idea emerged to establish a comparison portal for aircraft insurance policies in the aviation industry. Following many years of development efforts, we had to face the sobering realisation that the industry is not able to keep up with motor vehicle insurance policies and the like. At that time, there were no rates allowing you to calculate any insurance premiums without consulting the respective insurance company.

In 2014, we decided to establish our brokerage house, bearing in mind the vision of developing our own online-based rate calculator.

The company AviAnt GmbH, which was established in 2014, evolved at an extremely fast pace. After only one year of operations, we resumed work on our vision again and developed algorithms as well as our own programme for calculating aviation insurance policies.

In 2016, our first local system was completed and we were able to enter cooperations with a number of brokerage companies already before the date of completion, since the provision of our system meant considerably reduced workload for these companies.

Another factor was that our customer base was growing rapidly, forcing us to contemplate either a cooperation with another brokerage house or the recruitment of additional employees.

Together with the company PETER H. BRAASCH, we established our online portal. Since that time, the company PETER H. BRAASCH has been responsible for the direct support of our customers, which is also the reason why we have relocated our registered office to Hamburg. In this context, the account managers of AviAnt GmbH are likewise involved in the process and are at the disposal of the existing customers as employees of the company PETER H. BRAASCH.

Now, our local system is also available to our customers, enabling them to calculate their insurance premiums in just a few minutes. In addition, every customer can set up a customer account and can reproduce his or her own data and offerings at any time and from everywhere.

Corporate objectives

AviAnt GmbH will optimise the use-friendliness and transparency of our website continuesly. In the near future, contracts and documents will be intended to be accessible in our customer accounts to ensure that it will also be possible to make all data relevant for the contract available online. In addition, we will continue to optimise our cooperation with various insurers in order to guarantee the best contributions for our customers. Furthermore, we are currently involved in the development of a corresponding app. If you would like to monitor our current developments, please visit our blog at regular intervals or subscribe to our newsletter.