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When operating an aircraft, you are liable up to a legally defined limit regardless of fault. In order to force a claim beyond the legally defined limit, fault must be proved. Compensations for a damaged third party can be settled by a Third Party Liability Insurance. This insurance does not pay for damages or injuries a passenger suffers. A Passenger- and Third party Liability can be combined in CSL-Coverage which we normally recommend for an aircraft with more than one seat. Hull insurance offers coverage for any kind of damage an aircraft can receive.

Third Party Liability

Aviation liability insurance is a compulsory that protects you against claims for indemnity made in accordance with legal regulations. It is important to choose the correct coverage in accordance to Art. 7 of the EU Decree 785/2004. Our premium calculator tells you directly which insurance you need and what the legal minimum is.


Hull Insurance

Hull insurance offers protection against damages to the aircraft. It covers all damages the insured aircraft may suffer, from risks in the air as well as on the ground, up to the contracted amount of coverage. The contracted insurance sum should always equal the current value of your aircraft in order to avoid over- or underinsurance.


Personal accident insurance

An aviation accident insurance policy allows you as an active pilot to protect yourself and the guests accompanying you against the economic effects of an aviation accident. An aviation accident policy may be linked to your aircraft (seat insurance) or to you personally (individual aviation accident insurance). A combined accident insurance covering the general 24-hour-risk as well as the pilot’s risk is especially attractive for pilots, who in that case would be well covered under all circumstances.


Further insurances like coverage for your club, maintenance or anything else in the aviation sector need to be handled separately. Please use our contact form to get in touch with us.