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We are a free consulting portal concerning aviation insurance policies. As the first provider of this kind, we can offer an automatic calculation of an insurance policy for aircrafts. In addition to the third-party liability insurance required as a compulsory insurance for the registration of your aircraft, our system automatically calculates the insurance premium for different variants in the comprehensive and accident insurance schemes.

Premiums can be calculated on the basis of just a small amount of data. Afterwards, you can decide by yourself whether you would like to receive more detailed terms and conditions of contract or whether the contract should be concluded. Your personal data will not be retrieved before our prices suit you.

Nobody has money to spare

Anyone who takes a flight must be insured. In many cases, the costs for the same service vary considerably, depending on the contract selected. Those who have not been dealing with the insurance premiums applicable to the aviation industry in the past ten years, might have paid up to 500% more each year.

Cooperation with professionals

Furthermore, we offer a cooperation with the PETER H. BRAASCH brokerage office. Any contracts concluded with us are exclusively managed by employees of the company PETER H. BRAASCH.  So, in addition to the most affordable prices, we also offer the most experienced and best staff within our industry.

Cooperation with genuine aviation insurers

We are solely cooperating with large-scale and well-established insurance companies familiar with the aviation sector. As a general rule, new providers dissociate themselves from the market after only a short time, forcing customers to search for alternatives. We collaborate exclusively with insurance companies which can demonstrate many decades of experience in the aviation business.

The best service &

the smallest premiums

The launch of comparison portals changed the industry. The large insurance companies are no longer dissociating themselves, but apply the most affordable prices to compete for the first rank in a comparison.

We want to establish such a change in the aviation sector. Our self-invented automatism for quotations and contracts is responsible for a minimum charging of costs and a stability of prices and service quality.