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Passenger legal liability

The Passenger Legal Liability extends to the legal liability from the carriage or transport of persons and baggage as well as delayed carriage with the aircraft listed in the insurance policy or endorsement.

It thereby covers the liability of the carrier, arising under legal aviation liability provisions (international agreements and European conventions, §§ 33 - 43 of the LuftVG [German Air Traffic Act] or under § 823 of the BGB [German Civil Code]).

Included is the personal liability of all persons who with the knowledge and willingness of the owner participate in flying and handling the aircraft.

The minimum obligatory limit of Passenger Legal Liability results from the following regulations (EC Regulation 785/2004):

Personal injury (Article 6 (1))

> 250.000 SDRs per passenger
> 100.000 SDRs per passenger for non-commercial flights by aircraft with an MTOM of up to 2,700 kg

Baggage (Article 6 (2))

1.000 SDRs per passenger for commercial flights

Cargo damages (Article 6 (3))

17 SDRs per kg for commercial flights

We recommend however significantly higher coverage amounts. Pursuant EC Regulation 785/2004, insurance is obligatory if a person is conveyed based on a contract.