Specialized Broker for Aviation Insurance

Third party liability

The operator of an aircraft is liable pursuant the Luftverkehrsgesetz [German Air Traffic Act] (§§ 33-43 LuftVG as well as international agreements, European conventions and other additional regulations) for personal injury and material damages that have arisen through the operation of an aircraft. There is a legal insurance obligation. The limit is based on the aircraft’s maximum take-off mass.

The insurance cover of Third Party Legal Liability extends to the legal liability from the use of the aircraft listed in the insurance policy or endorsement and the type of use stated therein.

The personal legal liability of the operator as well as of all persons who participate with knowledge and willingness of the operator in flying and handling the aircraft are automatically co-insured.

Claims for damages due to personal injury to and material damages of the occupants of the aircraft as well as material damages to the conveyed goods are not insured. There are separate insurance offers for these.

Insurance limit

The limit of the Third Party Legal Liability to be covered is based on Article 7 of EC Regulation 785/2004 and § 37 of the German Air Traffic Act:

Maximum take-off mass (kg)Minimum insurance limit (SDRs)
< 500750.000
< 1.0001.500.000
< 2.7003.000.000
< 6.0007.000.000
< 12.00018.000.000
< 25.00080.000.000
< 50.000150.000.000
< 200.000300.000.000
< 500.000500.000.000
> 500.000700.000.000

With respect to liability insurance conditions coverage of these risks up to a certain amount is obligatory due to country-specific regulations.

A Third Party Liability Insurance starts at € 70,00 (excluding taxes).