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Hull insurance

This aircraft insurance covers any and all damage caused by external impact on the aircraft. You may decide yourself whether to insure the aircraft only during lay-up times on the ground or also during all flight operation times. In the event of damage, a maximum of the amount insured minus the agreed excess will be paid out. The amount insured should reflect the current market value of the aircraft. 

If you choose the tarif alternative “Exclusive”, the insurer resigns to us an objection of under or overinsurance in case of a loss.

Our online calculator will show you different types of aircraft insurances and you can choose the best solution for your individual needs. 

Engine Insurance

Hull insurance only covers any damage due to external impact on the aircraft. It does not cover any internal damage to the engine. This gap may be closed by a separate engine insurance policy.

Trailer Insurance

For gliders, we may include the dedicated trailer in the hull coverage. Such a constellation will pay especially in case of aircraft of higher value, since the premium rate goes down as the value goes up. Thus, not only the aircraft, but also its trailer will be covered for road transport.

War Hull Insurance

Hull insurance conditions in general exclude any damage related to war or civil war events, other hostile acts, uprising, revolution, rebellion, strike, lockout, civil commotion, acts of terrorism or sabotage, aircraft hijacking, attachment and other orders issued by government authorities.

You may have a large part of these risks included again by taking out war hull coverage and at very affordable rates. So far, mainly risk-exposed aircraft have such coverage – especially if they fly to or are operated within territories outside of Europe. Even with a war hull policy there are some countries that are excluded as flight destinations. 

War hull coverage will provide you with protection against any unforeseeable events.