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Frequently asked questions 

What does an aircraft insurance cost?

Third party liability insurances start at € 65,00 for a simple one seated glider. The price increase with the maximum take off weight and depends on which kind of aircraft you like to insure. CSL-insurances are also cheaper for light aircrafts with just one passenger seat and are calclulated at about € 250,00. A typical 4 seated aircraft like a Cessna 172, starts at € 800,00 excluding taxes. 

What to do in the event of damage?

In the event of normal damage, we recommend you report the damage using our claim form. We will immediately contact the insurer in order to discuss and agree on the further procedure and inform you without delay. In case of urgent matters we recommend you contact us by phone.

How does the insurance premium break down?

Liability insurance rates are calculated depending on the type of aircraft, the amount insured as well as the number of passenger seats. 

Casco insurance rates depend on the following variables:

  • Type of aircraft
  • Use of aircraft
  • Number and experience of pilots
  • Value of the aircraft
  • Amount of excess

This results in a premium rate percentage, which is multiplied by the amount insured. Normally, the so-called no-claims bonus will be deducted from the premium rate thus established.

All amounts are subject to insurance tax, the amount of which depends on the aircraft registration. In case of aircraft with a German registration, for instance, insurance tax at the rate of 19% will be due in addition. 

What to do in case of purchasing/selling an aircraft?

When selling the aircraft, all insurance policies will automatically be transferred to the purchaser/ acquirer for the time being. The acquirer will have the right of extraordinary termination, i.e. he, she or it may terminate any existing policies within four weeks of notice thereof (Sections 95 and 96 of the German Insurance Contract Act [VVG]).

What happens in case of a change of broker?

A change of broker will not change anything for you, except for a new point of contact. The rates of your aircraft insurance will remain permanently stable. Normally, we may guarantee you savings, and we will review your rates on the market on an annual basis.

Which amount insured should I choose?

For the owner liability and passenger liability coverage, you will have to choose at least the legally required minimum amounts required (link to Liability Insurance).

The aircraft hull insurance policy is a current value insurance policy. You should therefore analyse the current market value. Should you need help for doing so, we will be happy to assist you. 

Which registration do I need, and where is the difference?

As far as insurance is concerned, there is no difference whether you have a D, PH, OO or any other registration. We may provide insurance for aircraft with any kind of registration whatsoever. You will not have to worry about a change of premium rate in case of a change of registration.

What is CSL coverage?

CSL Coverage.

Which insurance do I have to take out?

The only mandatory insurance is owner liability insurance. If a contract provides for passenger transport, passenger liability insurance is also mandatory (Liability Insurance).

Is there such a thing as seasonal insurance?

Unlike in former days, all aircraft insurance policies are calculated taking into account the customers’ individual needs. The insurer is aware of the fact that a glider would not normally be operated for flights in winter. When calculating the premium rate, such information is taken into account. A suspension of the hull insurance during a rest period of 6 months is normally not possible.

Flying in Africa?

Especially for gliders, the South African climate provides the ideal conditions whenever the cold season has started in Europe. For this purpose, the normally agreed area of operations Europe will have to be extended and the sea transport for shipping will have to be included. Such individual agreements are not a problem for us. We will be happy to assist you and find the best possible solution.  

Can I change the named pilots?

Whether just for one day, or the entire year. Pilot data may be changed at any time. This may result in a change of the premium rate if more and/or more inexperienced pilots are used. We will discuss any individual case with you in order to achieve the best possible solution.

Is the transport of my aircraft by road or by sea covered?

Most aircraft insurance policies include transport of the aircraft by road only for gliders and motor gliders. Transport by sea, however, will have to be included specifically. Alternatively, it may also make sense to take out individual transport insurance policies. Also in this case, we will be happy to be of assistance.