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Accident Insurance

In aviation, we distinguish between two different types of coverage concepts: 

Seat accident insurance & Personal accident insurance

Seat accident insurance

The seat accident type is offered for the relevant seats of an aircraft, covering the risks of disability as well as the risk of death of a pilot or a passenger. Accident insurance is an optional insurance policy, which the owner of the aircraft may or may not take out for the pilot and his or her or its passengers. Such a seat accident insurance policy will cover any and all damage to the pilot and/or the occupants of an aircraft caused by an accident. The question of fault is not a principal issue as far as accident insurance is concerned.

Personal accident insurance

By contrast, personal accident insurance provides personal coverage taken out independently of any specific aircraft. It is up to the customer to decide whether the insurance policy should cover only the aviation risk or be active 24 hours a day. Such an insurance policy is in most cases less expensive than expected, and the benefits paid in the event of damage may be a huge financial relief.