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A Good Combination


A combined single limit insurance policy is understood to be a combination of owner and passenger liability insurance. In general, we recommend our customers take out this coverage concept for any multi-seat aircraft.

The sum of the legally required minimum amounts insured of the two components makes up the minimum amount insured under the CSL coverage. 

Calculation example:

Aircraft with a maximum take-off mass of 1,100 kg and 3 passenger seats:

Owner liability insurance: The maximum take-off mass being between 1,000 kg and 2,700 kg, the minimum amount insured will be 3,000,000.00 SDR.

Passenger liability insurance: 250,000.00 SDR x three passenger seats = 750,000.00 SDR

Total amount: 3,750,000.00 SDR.

Conversion to € based on a factor of 1.25 (exchange rates may vary): ): € 4,687,500.00 (rounded to  € 5,000,000.00).

 A CSL-Insurance starts at € 235,00 (excluding taxes).